Serendipity Castle

SERENDIPITY - Couples Intimacy Retreat

Full Castle Take-over

26.-30. August 2024  &  18.-22. August 2025

SERENDIPITY - Couples Intimacy Retreat Full Castle Take-over

Couples Only / 25 couples


This Couples Intimacy Castle Take-Over is an exclusive 5-days / 4-nights Lifestyle adventure held in a Magnificent Castle in the Kingdom of Denmark.


Together with other adventurous couples curious to explore, you will have an unique chance to enhance your relationship and explore the intimacy with your partner in a potent ground of learning, playfulness and pleasure.


Bonding with kindred spirits, we will share magical moments, explore, learn, play and party.


All this while enjoying Royal comfort, great food and excellent service.


The retreat is limited to 25 couples.


"I've had my share of world-class experiences, but this retreat surpassed them all. I leave with a sense of profound gratitude, newfound wisdom, and deepened spiritual insight. Thank you for orchestrating such a life-altering experience."

"What made this experience truly exceptional was the program's design, which allowed me to introspect without judgment. This, in turn, enabled me to rediscover not only myself and my longing but also the incredible person I've been sharing my life with."

"As I walked away from this retreat, I carried with me not only newfound confidence but also a renewed sense of passion."

"Looking at my husband, I feel like a teenager in love all over again."


The Retreat will be a transformative journey where you and your partner will discover new depths of intimacy, have unforgettable moments of fun, forge lifelong connections and bring home invaluable experiences that will positively impact your relationship long after the retreat ends.

Here are 8 reasons why you should join:

Explore and Enhance Your Relationship: This retreat offers a unique opportunity to delve into the depths of your connection with your partner and strengthening your bond.

Try New Things and Learn New Skills: Embark on a journey of discovery as you engage in various workshops and activities designed to expand your horizons and introduce you to new dimensions of pleasure, intimacy, and communication.

Connect Deeper with Your Partner: Through guided practices and exercises, you and your partner will have the opportunity to deepen your emotional, physical, and spiritual connection. You can also explore connections with others if you both wish to, within a safe and consensual framework.

Meet Like-Minded Couples: Surround yourself with a group of wonderful couples who share a similar desire for growth, connection, and exploration. This supportive network will inspire and encourage you throughout and after the retreat.

Have Fun and Create Lasting Memories: Our retreat combines personal growth with joyful experiences, ensuring that you not only deepen your relationship but also create cherished memories together. Laughter, adventure, and shared moments of delight await you.

Stay in a Beautiful Castle: Immerse yourselves in the elegance and grandeur of a stunning castle. The majestic surroundings will enhance your retreat experience, offering an atmosphere of tranquility and beauty. It can also serve as the perfect backdrop for sensual photo-sessions.

Visit Wonderful Copenhagen: In addition to our retreat, we are organizing a pre-event in Copenhagen, where you can experience the vibrant culture of our remarkable city.

And much more……like great service and good food 😊


Each day during the retreat, you will have the opportunity to attend two transformational PlayShops taught by seasoned experts and other activities like Morning excercise, Men's and Women's Circle as well as exciting evening programs.


We invite you to explore the magic of Tantra, Couples Intimacy, Conscious Kink, Divine Rituals and more.


I the evening there will be Theme Nights as we dine and attend magical evening activities.


For those who prefer drinks and social talk, the Coffee Salons will be the place to meet.

Our retreat is meticulously designed to provide a safe, consensual,  intimate and playful atmosphere - where you only have to participate in the activities to the level of your comfort.


This event is organized and hosted by Katrine & Claus.

With over a decade experience in the Lifestyle, Katrine and Claus have taught a wide variety of Sensual & Intimate Courses around the world.


During that time Katrine & Claus have helped thousands of people experience richer and more fulfilling lives.


They excel in creating a warm intimate ambience that encourages all to explore their longings and boundaries while always respecting the rules of consent.

Supporting Katrine & Claus will be a team of experienced hosts, dedicated to ensure you receive personal and excellent service throughout your stay.


You will be staying in a magnificent Castle located outside Copenhagen,

the capital of Denmark.


Impressively furnished this Castle embodies the spirit of the Kingdom of Denmark. The Exclusive Suites, Junior Suites and double rooms are tastefully and individually decorated. Read more about the Rooms.



There will be a pre-event in Copenhagen as add-ons for those who would like to explore Copenhagen before the retreat. Read more.

The will also be an Eye Wide Shut Party at the Castle Friday after the Retreat as add-ons. Read more. 

Room types & rates

Choose the Suite or room type that suits you.

Prices from USD2.300 p.p. including full board excl. drinks.

Read more


5 days - 4 nights

Leaving Copenhagen Monday around 1PM

Retreat program: Read more

Leaving the Castle Friday around 1PM.

Destination airport: Copenhagen


There will be an optional pre-event in Copenhagen in the week-end before the event.

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There will be an optional post-event at the Castle after the event.

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Theme Nights

Tuesday:      White Night

Wednesday: Gala Night

Thursday:     Kink Night

Booking information

Limited to just 25 lucky couples

we expect this event to sell out quickly.

We therefore recommend reserving your place as soon as possible.

This is a couples-only retreat for people above 25 years of age.

To reserve your participation on the retreat go to the booking page and fill out the form.

If you have any questions regarding the retreat please send a mail to:

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